Owatonna Online (Grades K-5) provides classroom communities that maximize opportunities for students to engage with each other and their teacher while supporting social skill development.
  • Students will be provided learning in all academic areas that meet the Minnesota Academic Standards including specialists such as Art, Music, Physical Education (P.E.) and Media and Technology.

  • Students will engage in a balance of direct instruction, independent and group work, hands-on practice, and creation. 

  • Students will have access to all the academic supports and services that exist in a face-to-face classroom.

  • K-5 Learners will connect to a virtual classroom through Google Classroom.

  •  Students will utilize Seesaw as an interactive tool to create, innovate and demonstrate their learning.

  • Through Seesaw families gain a window into their student’s learning and engage in home-to-school connections.

  • Students will be engaged in a combination of live and self-paced instruction.

  • Video conferencing using Google Meets will be used to support and instruct students.

  • Dedicated online teachers, who are focused solely on their online learners, will be providing instruction.

  • Options for students to attend face-to-face, drop-in learning lab for small group, or one-on-one support.

Is Online Learning Right for You and Your Elementary-aged child?

Below are essential conditions for success in an online environment. It is important for families to ensure they are able to create a successful learning environment for their child before committing to Owatonna Online Elementary.