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Welcome to Owatonna Online! We are excited to have you join us. Please review and complete the enrollment information on this page. We will follow-up with more information once we receive your forms.

Who is eligible to enroll in Owatonna Online? 

To be considered for Online enrollment the student must meet the following requirements:

  • Hold residency in Minnesota

  • Be in kindergarten - grade 12 and under age 21


Central Enrollment Office
Roosevelt Community School
122 E McKinley St
Owatonna, MN  55060
Phone: (507) 444-7900
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Open Enrollment Steps:

Families follow the steps through central enrollment via an online form. 

Information required to complete the enrollment process:

  • Address and phone number of residence

  • Immunizations records for each child

  • Student records from previous school (if available)

  • Name, address, telephone and fax number of the last school attended

  • Birth certificate or official certificate of age (kindergarten enrollment only)

  • Family income information or food stamp (SNAP) case number (if applying for meal benefits)

Additional Information:

  • In Minnesota, children are eligible to attend kindergarten when they are five years old on or before September 1 of the calendar year school starts.

  • Grades 6-12: An appointment is scheduled with students/families with a school counselor to discuss topics including academic schedules.

  • Click here for information about our high school athletics and activities. (https://www.owatonnaactivities.com/)